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iPhone and XBMC, the remote of the future?

Pondering one would have XBMC and iPhone, wouldn’t that little touchscreen make a good remote? Narcan made one, but is it all a pipe dream or could it be the remote of the future?

In a nutshell the remote is doing querys to XBMC’s webserver and displays the result in a neat fashion, but if we skip the technical mumbo jumbo it controls XBMC in that very apple sort of way. Which is one of the things I especially liked about it, it looks more or less exactly like the iPod mode on the iPhone.
The remote downloads both thumbs and info from the library and displays them tailored for the current view, good job!

I especially love the TV Show view as it really makes use of the wide icons in such a good way!

Narcan has though about something more, at some point those views might not be enough at which point you just flip it upside down and you’ll get something that looks like an IR Remote, very thorough work indeed!

The Remote mode is very responsive and works very well. The only thing I miss from this view is the ‘home’ button, something a former MCE user might miss.

All in all this application is very well polished and easy to set up, I would recommend it!

Some more tasty bits of information about this app can be found at Dave Fumberger’s (a.k.a Narcan) blog

A video on Youtube thx GrandAnse from

And the link to iTunes AppStore…289316916&mt=8