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IR remote fixed for Snow Leopard

XBMC for Mac is seeing some serious love these days. First up is a working IR remote under Snow Leopard (the crowd cheers). TeamXBMC is extremely grateful to Felix Schwarz (developer for Remote Buddy) for expanding his excellent driver framework and providing Candelair free to all. Candelair resolves the IR remote issues under Snow Leopard and is backward compatible to existing IR clients such has XBMCHelper. Candelair can be found here and is already compatible with the existing XBMCHelper IR client.

Not stopping at Candelair, Felix has also created an new HID remote class that resolves the need to fix up IR client when Apple changes the IR cookies. No more waiting for IR client fixes when Apple plays hide the cookies. Three cheers for Felix. The new HIDRemote class has already been integrated into XBMCHelper in our bleeding-edge builds and more detail about HIDRemote can be found here

Felix deserves a large round of applause for this effort and XBMC for Mac users should check out Remote Buddy for augmenting the capabilities of IR handling under OSX.

XBMC continues to work nicely on OSX and we foresee no problems regarding Snow Leopard for the forthcoming stable release.