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Kodi 15 Skin Showcase - Part 2

By default Kodi starts with the Confluence skin which gives users almost everything they need to enjoy it as media center. Though one of the great powers of Kodi is that it can be adjusted in many ways. One of the most noticeable ones is changing the so called skin. Each version of Kodi (and XBMC in the past) had it’s own array of third-party skins to choose from made for that specific version. By changing this you get an entire new look and feel as well as several new perks that don’t come by default in Confluence. These skins are created by Kodi enthusiasts and they develop these skins during many months months. Yes it can really take many months before a skins is close to it’s end result. First they will have to design the concept and then work out the details and code it all up till it’s actually usable and can be shared with all of you. The ones that have been update to work with Kodi 15.0 are listed bellow in an alphabetical order and not by popularity or number of downloads. Remember that they cost a lot of time to create and each has their own advantages and look and feel. As such treat them all with respect and be grateful at these developers for sharing them.

We’ve include each with a link to our Kodi add-ons website which lists all add-ons available in our official repository. As well as the dedicated forum sections, wiki page and a YouTube video showcase that should give you a general impression of how they look when using them. Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg as most if not all are highly configurable to adjust it to your specific liking (within limits of course). Should you find any issue with the skin you could always provide some feedback to the developer so he might be able to fix it and include in next update.


Not all skins support control using a mouse or touch screens. This is intentional as the skin developers have decided to only allow control using a remote or controller. Additionally not all support PVR. Please respect these decision of the developers as they have their reasons to do so.

Name Amber
Author Jester, Pecinko
Description No bloatware, just your media with easy to navigate interface.
Uses some textures from Mediastream and Aeon skin.


Name AppTV
Author Wyrm, SamFisher
Description AppTV is a AppleTV inspired skin for Kodi. It provides a very light weight minimalist gui while also allowing access to a number of advanced Kodi features not available in the original AppleTV interface.

Previous showcase

Kodi 15.0 skin showcase (link)
 - (Aeon Nox, Artic:Zephyr, Back Row, Black Glass Nova, Cirrus Extended, Mimic, Nebul;a, Neon, Titan, Transparency!, Xperience1080)

PVR showcase

At the moment of making the short showcase videos I hadn’t set up my PVR/LiveTV hence they were missing. Now that I setup my HDHomerun tuner together with a TVHeadend server that provides the EPG data and channels, I made a dedicated PVR section showcase.  All you will see in this showcase is the PVR part of these skins. All skins that were mentioned in current and previous showcase blog do support the PVR functionality to some extend. Some might still have some minor glitches or bugs so feel free to notify the skin author about them so he could possible fix it for his next update.


So far these are the skins that are listed as Kodi 15.0 compatible in our repository. This doesn’t mean that the other Skins currently listed don’t work at all. However some might lack a feature that has been added or changed in 15.0 In due time we’re sure most other skins will be updated as well to be fully compatible. Some skins have already a working version available for testing which can be found in the skin forum section. This however might require some technical knowledge to get these installed.

Leave a comment on what your favourite skins is at the moment.

That’s it for now. ENJOY!