Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Release Candidate

Kodi 19.0 RC Splash Screen

Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Release Candidate


Prof Yaffle

January 16, 20211 min read

And, off we go again. The dust settles on the festive season, so it's time for another pre-release to hit the streets... we're getting close to final release now, so we're moving out of Beta and into RC.

If you want to know the main features in this release series, please refer back to previous blog posts: this is an iteration of previous Beta releases, not a feature release, remember.

This is stable, reliable code, suitable for daily use. Please, then: install, test, and give us clear feedback on any remaining issues, either with the new features or perhaps with a regression in existing code. As this is a release candidate, we think it's basically ready to go, but let's aim to make sure.

You can get this release from here or - if appropriate - our nightly PPA here. If you're on Android, you can enrol in our Beta programme and get updates directly from Google Play.

As usual, you can also see changes since the last release here or browse the merged PRs here.