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LCD support in XboxMediaCenter

you probably all heard about 4th generation of modchips now coming out. one outstanding feature these chips have is the option of a nice 20×2 or 20×4 lcd display and i’m glad to announce that we already started adding lcd display support to xbmc. an lcd display could be made to show all details about the current playing song or movie, at the moment we have only added support for the smartxx modchip+lcd but support for additional modchips+lcd will hopefully follow soon with some help from the mod manufacturers.

currently playing music/movie smartxx lcd-display shows:
 ”my music”:                         “my videos”:
- current playtime                   – current playtime
- total time                           – total time
- pause, ff/rw status             – pause, ff/rw status
- song-name/title                    - movie file-name/title
- artists                                 - genre
- year of album                      - year

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