LinuxTag Report

LinuxTag Report



June 22, 20101 min read

LinuxTag 2010 was a great success, and XBMC was there in Berlin to do its part. In attendance this year: Sigurdur Olafsson (sho), Stephan Diederich (mdd), Gunnar Norin (blittan), Michael Probst (Stephan’s friend and helper for the week), and Cory Fields (theuni). Also, Matthias Kortstiege (vdrfan) and Thomas Thönes (clumsy) managed to drop in for a day or two.

This time around we shared a booth with ffmpeg, vlc, and mplayer… that’s quite impressive company! We enjoyed getting to know everyone there, as well as meeting some other folks we deal with on a regular basis like the friendly Beagle‘rs from TI, the FSFE, and maintainers of various Linux distros. We were also invited to attend several parties and cookouts, and witnessed the craziness in the streets as the World Cup started up.

I must repeat as always that these shows are great for everyone involved. Thanks to everyone who came and/or helped, especially to the LinuxTag staff and volunteers. Check out a few pics below, and come join us in July for OSCON in Portland, OR.

LinuxTag 2010