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Mac OS X developer has decided to fork our code [UPDATED]

Elan Fieldgold, a developer on Team-XBMC who was working on the Mac OS X port of XBMC have decided to fork our XBMC for Mac version and go out on his own, quiet the XBMC project, and start a new project with its own community for his fork fork. There have been differences in priorities between Elan and the other members of Team-XBMC for sometime now, and this has come to a head recently. Elan is thus now no longer a member of Team-XBMC and the official XBMC project, and his new project will from now on be hosted and supported elsewhere.

One of the great things about open source is that you are permitted to take the source code of one project and use it in any way you wish (subject to the GPL of course), and we wish Elan and his new project well in their endeavors, and look forward to seeing what they come up with.

We at Team-XBMC will continue to the development and release versions of XBMC for Mac, Linux, Windows, and Xbox, and we will continue to support our XBMC builds on all platforms. As always, any and all help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Update: The new project name for this fork have been given the name Plex Media Center for OS X.

Elan’s post on his own blog for Plex
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