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Mascot Contest

Team XBMC is interested in finding a mascot for XBMC. To that end, we have decided to have a competition in which you, the user, can submit drawings for what you think an ideal mascot would be.

Your Design Here

Can you make the XBMC Mascot?

The winner will receive a Nyxboard Hybrid Remote and an OpenELEC HTPC with XBMC pre-installed from Pulse-Eight, along with an XBMC t-shirt. If you’d like, one of the Team members can sign the computer, the t-shirt, or random other items, like shipping boxes and small, furry animals. And if you’d like your winnings to have any resale value at all, you can ask us politely to refrain from signing them.

Second place will receive a Nyxboard Hybrid Remote from Pulse-Eight and an XBMC t-shirt.

Third place will receive an XBMC t-shirt.

Everyone else will receive an imaginary high five!

Artists…, start your engines.

Some simple contest rules:

1. Once you’re done, upload your design to your favourite photosharing site of choice and post the link to this forum thread. You can enter multiple times if you like. We recommend flickr as a photosharing site for their excellent copyright options.

2. Ideally you’d use vector graphics to allow your mascot to scale, but it’s not essential.  Keep any preview images to something less than 600px or so.

3. You have until Friday, June 3rd at 12PM, Central Standard Time to submit. If there are not enough entries by then we may have to extend the contest; also, if nothing is found suitable, then the mascot may not be adopted by the team – prizes will be granted either way. The winner will be announced on Monday, June 13th.

4. You’re designing a mascot for XBMC, so if you are selected as the winner, you’ll need to transfer the ownership/copyright of the design and image(s) to the XBMC foundation.  Obviously you’ll still get full credit for your creation.

5. We’re looking for original designs – please don’t submit something that isn’t your own work – make sure you have the right to all the artwork used in your design.

Finally, good luck, we are excited to see your submissions!