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Max Console donates DreamX-1480

cykiller from responding to xbmc’s buy frodo a dreamx-733 campaign offered a very generous donation, a dreamx-1480 to frodo for further development of the xboxmediacenter project. the dreamx-1480 by friendtech is a modified xbox running on 1.4ghz cpu and 128mb ram, it also has built-in spdif optical output (for dolby digital 5.1 surround sound). other donations we received so far and future donations will of course still be used to further xbmc development. few things on our list are digital-receiver for testing ac3/dtc digital passthrough, and a x2vga for hdtv debugging (on vga monitors). so donations are still more than welcomed and needed.

a huge thanks goes to cykiller and for their generous donation, thank you!