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Microsoft Announces Xbox Price Drop

the rumours of an north american xbox price drop in april has finally come true as microsoft just now officially announced that the xbox® video game system will be available $149.99 (u.s.) in the united states, $199.99 (u.s.) in canada, 1,999 pesos in mexico and $249 (australian) in australia effective as of march 30, (2004), which translates to a consumer savings of roughly $45 u.s. in addition, microsoft also stated that they will reduce the price of several popular software hits. as we all know, xbox prices in asia was already lowered recently to even less than the price now is in north american after this price drop, however no information yet been made available if all these price drops will be carried over to europe in the foreseeable future too, (so we can only hope and wait).

full press release: microsoft announces new robust north american xbox price move