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Milkdrop Visualization added to XBMC (updated)

2005-05-15 milkdrop was added to xbmc cvs.
nullsoft kindly opensourced this awesome visualization 2005-05-04, and then it was just a matter of time until one of our devs ported it ;)

here’s a screenshot captured using our built-in screenshot function, showing one of the 435 .milk presets currently in our cvs. the screenshot also shows our new seekbar located at top right corner, currently mapped to left-right on the right analog thumbstick.

(click image for fullsize version)

rovastar’s page is a resource where more than 3000 milkdrop presets can be found.
another resource is winamp’s milkdrop forums.

team xbmc would like to thank ryan geiss for creating milkdrop, nullsoft for opensourcing it, all preset authors (too many to list here) and last but not least mrc for porting it!