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Mirrors back online after server was physically moved.


As you can see our mirroring server came back online nicely after the physical move. We are excited to be able to use the better networking link, and to know that the server is yet again in the caring hands of the entire networking team at Bytemark, who communicated very well with us during this transition. Thanks guys!

Old message:
This is just a quick note that you will be unable to download XBMC/Kodi between 2200 UTC on the 14th of october and 0330 UTC on the 15th of october. Additionally, you will be unable to download addons from the official repositoru during this same time period.

The reason for this is that our server company, Bytemark, is physically moving the server from one datacenter to another datacenter. Although this will cause us to be down for a bit, we can’t wait until the server finds a new home (with a faster uplink as well!).

If you are interested in the time in your local timezone, you can see the downtime in your local time here