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Movie and TV Show FanArt support in XBMC

Many of the latest skins for XBMC are now supporting the recently added XBMC feature that is FanArt backdrops. Skins such as Aeon, Focus, MediaStream, and even the default Project Mayhem III, all feature FanArt backdrop support. We think that FanArt really enhances the look and feel of XBMC skins, especially when combined with the not so new ability to download posters, banners, and screenshots directly from XBMC.

Our sincere thanks goes to Scott Zsori (a.k.a. szsori) of and for providing us with a direct API to all the data on his websites, so that getting FanArt backdrops into XBMC is now easier than ever. and are both user driven sites which let anyone upload and share FanArt, posters, banners, screenshots, and meta data information of their favorite TV shows and Movies. So again, thank you Scott! Our thanks also goes out to everyone who contribute artwork and information to these websites.

Team-XBMC encourage you all to visit both and, register to upload, and help maintain the content. Sharing your artwork with others through these websites makes it possible for people to enjoy XBMC even more.

Yours sincerely / Team-XBMC