New server and some stats


New server and some stats



July 12, 20151 min read

We just wanted to make a quick Blog to say thanks to one of our sponsors - ByteMark - for providing us with a brand new dedicated SSD web server. We currently run a number of back-end services for Kodi such as this website, forum, wiki, mirror redirector, buildbot ect. With the ever increasing use of Kodi, we need to build the back-end to scale with it. The new server will help with new services and taking the load of existing service that have seen a huge increase as Kodi becomes more popular.

For anyone interested in some Kodi stats:

  • During the last week, we averaged 170 million web requests per day on our mirror redirector. That’s 2,000 requests a second!
  • Kodi for android got over 100,000 downloads in its first 10 days and is in the Top 150 of new free android apps!
  • About 75,000 unique users a day request movie data from TheMovieDB using the universal movie scraper
  • About 40,000 unique users request music metadata each day using the universal audio scraper
  • About 600,000 hits from Kodi users on TheTVDB each day
  • We average about 1,000 users active on our forums at any one time with over a million posts made
  • Our most popular platform is still Windows, followed very closely by Android then Linux

As for the new services, we will be migrating the wiki to the new server first and giving it an upgrade, hopefully also a new website and latest MYBB in the future. Keep an eye out in our “website” forum section.

Thanks again to Bytemark for providing the new server and supporting opensource in such a positive way, you can see what they offer on their product pages here.