New Sponsor Announcement: GoatCounter

New Sponsor Announcement: GoatCounter



November 12, 20201 min read

Last year at FOSDEM, we were approached about our usage of analytics software on our websites that gives visitor data to big companies with servers located in countries with data protection laws that are less strict than what EU citizens are accustomed to. Team Kodi has always had a firm stance against user tracking in our software, so it felt inconsistent that we did not extend the same level of prudence to our websites.

At first, we considered removing analytics altogether. But it quickly became clear that this would be problematic for our Wiki maintainers: Without any insight into what pages are viewed most, it is next to impossible to prioritize the pages to update adequately. We were very happy to come across GoatCounter, which solved our problems nicely: It has a strong dedication to privacy and data protection, but still gives us the data we need to maintain the Wiki. Shortly after, we were even happier: It is my pleasure to announce that GoatCounter has joined the ranks of our sponsors!

It is still a very young project, but from our experience it is a great alternative for site owners looking for a privacy-focused hosted analytics solution. Smaller non-commercial sites below 100k pageviews/month enjoy free hosting.