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New Version of RelaX solves issues with XBMC

relax v0.79

# relax now works with xbmc!….. if you don’t use xmbc then don’t download this release
# just put in xbmc the path like “xns://yourip:1400/” for the root and “xns://yourip:1400/divx” for your divxes.. etc
# here is the changelog!
* relax now works with xbmc.. to do that i had to rework the internal file system. that’s why the following doesn’t work anymore.
- disabled iso support
- disabled xiso support
- disabled zip support
- disabled shoutcast support
- disabled intergrating directorys
- disabled directory flattening
+ filesize reporting
+ filedate reporting
* fixed the filelister reporting incorrect filesizes!
* xbmc scan’s for thumbs for each directory.. thats why it’s a bit slow when entering a directory with loads of directory’s.
* when u disable logging… directory changing in xbmc will become faster.
- some other stuff might now be broken. just mail me and i’ll see what i can do.

# when i have some spare time i’ll try to rebuild some options again in the v0.xx branch before going back to work on the rebuild again.

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