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New XBMC Website, New Domain (XBMC.ORG)

This brand new website has been developed by Granqvist and co-developed by DarkDonno. Chokemaniac made the graphics.
It’s been in development for 2 years, and it’s “mostly” finished. Much content is unpolished, incidentally this was why we requested a ‘content master’ a while back, but we never got a suitable candidate for the job. This position is still very much unfilled.

We will also use a new domain from now on, XBMC.ORG which we got from our french teammember Modhack (he’s now relocated to XBMC.FR).
Please don’t try and use XBMC.COM as this domain is owned by none other than Randy Saaf of MediaDefender (!).
Our old domain will continue to function, and emails will arrive regardless of used domain.

If you want to help this site by filling it with uptodate content, contact one of the Projectmanagers

UPDATE: Have you logged in but can not post?, here’s two examples with solutions.

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