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Nominate XBMC for SourceForge Community Choice Awards 2009

It is almost time for this years Community Choice Awards (CCA). This is the forth annual SourceForge CCA, back in year 2006 XBMC Media Center won two categories; “best multimedia project” and “best game project”. If you are a registered user on (registration is free) then you can help to make sure that XBMC Media Center is eligible to be in the running for this years CCA as well by nominating XBMC Media Center to one or more categories.

Please note this right now is for the nominations only, as later, once all final nominees been decided then everyone will be able to vote for the OSD (Open Source Development) projects of their choice in each category. This year Team-XBMC hope that you will help us be nominated in at least the “Best Project for Multimedia” category, and maybe even the “Best Project” category as well, (as it is possible to nominate XBMC Media Center to more than one category). The prize if would win: ‘bragging rights’ and the CCA logo on our project page for XBMC Media Center.

Reminder! Last year we were nominated however as the majority of our fans seem to forget that they also needed to vote later again as well, thus we only won the “best project for gamers” category, (and not the prestigious “Best Project for Multimedia” category that we really wanted), even though we were a finalist in 6 categories, (much more than any other project), including the “Best Project for Multimedia” category.

Have YOU nominated the XBMC Media Center project yet?