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The Official Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Case

Since the first Raspberry Pi was announced in 2012, it was inextricably linked with XBMC/Kodi. It was built with the tinkerer in mind and capable of new advanced applications, but always with the perfect fallback of being the tiny living room Kodi media center that could. Today, the Raspberry Pi 3 has evolved to become a powerful media center with WiFi and Bluetooth built in. While maintaining its tiny size, it has been tuned to flawlessly play back content better than competitors and less than a third the cost. But with all of these improvements, the Raspberry Pi 3 remained incomplete.

Today, the Raspberry Pi 3 package is complete. With the help of a company called FLIRC, we are excited to announce the very first piece of hardware ever offered by Team Kodi: the Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Case.

After looking long and hard for the ideal design for this case, we found it in FLIRC, a tiny company located deep in the heart of Silicon Valley. This beautiful case has an aluminum core sheathed in silver and black. It’s designed from the ground up for your living room with its clean lines and sleek colors,  a perfect match for your TV and other media center devices.

This case is not only sleek, but also functional. Designed with the Raspberry Pi 3′s superclocked CPU in mind, the aluminum running throughout the Kodi Edition case acts as a passive CPU heat sink, silently and efficiently distributing and expelling the heat. This creative approach allows for the most efficient use of processor and potentially some casual overclocking at the user’s discretion.

NORRIS_LOGOWe are excited to work with FLIRC on this project and are doubly excited to announce that a percentage of every sale will go towards cancer research at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, where important strides have already been made in treating lymphoma, prostate, and colon cancer, among many other achievements.

The Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi case is a limited edition product. Additional units might be available in the future if there is strong user demand, but for now, get them while you can!