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One Year Chokemaniacs Project Mayhem Webpage

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i’ve come a long way :) many things happened in the past 12 months. when i started this site, i only wanted a couple of screenshots of the project mayhem skin and a download button. but critikill made soo much more out of it. thanks a lot out to you bud. hope your current projects are going well.
a couple of weeks ago the new design was launched and i have t say i really love it. big props out to christian granqvist again for coding it for me! the latest addition is the new project mayhem forum. modhack, alexsolex and chris made it almost alone and i cant thank them enough. i hope all the skinners out there will join me there to take xbmc skinning to the next level.
i also worked a lot on xbmc with (my favorite coder ;)jonathan marshall. we came up with many nice additions like submenu, contextmenus, shutdownmenu, the new slideshow, new filemanager and the new settings system. and i think we’re gonna keep improving xbmc. i’m looking forward to it. big props to you too j. and thanks for you patience with me ;)
by now i released more than 20 skins for all kinds of xbox apps. more than 110.000 downloads so far and counting. not too bad i think. project mayhem iii is around the corner now. i planed to release it today but i’m not completely happy with it yet. so guess you gotta be patient a little longer. i think this will be my last skin for xbmc. i’ts a lot of work to keep 3 skins up to date. but anyways: i’ll keep suprising ;)