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Project Mayhem Website Redesign

from chokemaniacs website: “it’s finally online. the new project mayhem website. it was about time to give it a general facelift. think it turned out pretty good. there’s plenty of new stuff to check out. new skins, updated gallery, news archive, wallpapers and much more to come. the man, who put all this together so nicely in top notch php is christian granqvist from sweden. thanks a lot chris! i owe you big time. now that i’m thru with this site for now, i will go back to the xbox stuff. i hope i don’t have to let the xbmc project suffer for the new job im starting on february 14th. not sure yet how much of my time it’ll consume. next up i gotta update the xbmc skins. haven’t had much time to look after them during the making of this site. maybe i’ll also make some more skins”.

project mayhem website: