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This Site is the Only Official Source of XBMC Software

A few months ago, some of you may remember that a number of news sites wrote articles under the apparent mistaken impression that a site making a modified version of XBMC was an official XBMC source. For the most part, most of those sites (with the exception of Engadget) updated their original stories with a clarification after a quick email was sent by Team XBMC.

Then on May 4th, the group behind the modified version sent out another press release, and once again Engadget appears to have posted an unclear article. The Team has once again tried to contact Engadget for a correction, but Engadget has remained silent.

This is a disappointing outcome. We would rather not have had to point this issue out, but we felt it was necessary to let our users know that this modified version of XBMC is not an official release from our developers and should not be considered one. Official releases will always come from and will be clearly laid out on ourĀ Software page. Any software you come across that is not in that list should not be considered official XBMC software and will not receive support in our forums.

Update: It appears the lack of correction may simply been a case of bad timing. The author has replied and posted a quick clarification. Thanks to the staff of Engadget for the fix!