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Skin Release: Rapier

Today scarfa came out of nowhere with a beautiful new skin, available immediately. Click the image below for a screenshot preview.

Click image for slideshow

Here’s what the author had to say about Rapier:

This was originally a joint project between me and Arcanthur [sic] but I wasn’t happy with the direction it was going so we parted ways a couple weeks into it. I continued to work on it on my own but had to put it on the backburner for a few months due to a busy schedule. Recently I’ve had alot of free time and have been going gangbusters on it to the point where I now feel satisfied with it.

The goal for this skin was create something that is practical for my everyday use. This usually means only including view modes that I find useful and creating an interface that is pleasing to the eye but at the same time isn’t too resource heavy. Making sure to make maximum use of widescreen displays was also important.


  • custom backgrounds
  • fanart support
  • media flagging support for all views including video player.
  • support for studio logos
  • horizontal navigation system
  • mouse friendly design
  • uses latest xbmc features for smoother animations and scrolling
  • flexible customization via skin settings

Note: This skin will not work correctly on the official 9.04.1 stable release. I would recommend the latest svn builds. Latest I’ve tested on is XBMC pre-9.10 r22512 for windows and XBMC pre-9.10 r21142 on Xbox.

The skin and all pertinent info will be added to the gallery soon. For now it can be downloaded here. Enjoy, and be sure to thank scarfa for the great work.