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Skin Showcase: MediaStream Redux

Jezz_X has been kind enough to announce the initial public release of his personal MediaStream mod, though the word “mod” hardly fits. It’s more of a fresh and modern take on an already great skin; usability has been greatly improved and many of the new XBMC features have been added in. Here are some of the major updates it brings:

  • Uses the new background loader for faster loading of background images and icons
  • Native Media Flagging
  • Recently added Videos displayed in home screen (using Nuka1195′s latest handywork)
  • Custom background support
  • Weather Fanart

And much much more. Enjoy a preview of what the MediaStream Redux is all about.

Click the image for a screenshot gallery

The skin is available for download here, feel free to pass on your thanks to Jezz_X at the forum thread.

Keep in mind this is a bleeding edge skin. You’ll need a new nightly build or svn compile of XBMC in order for it to work, Babylon is not recent enough. If the background images are blank please don’t report it, just upgrade to a newer version.