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A slip of the tongue

Thought I should slip my tongue a bit… Been working on a new installer script that will replace installer. This new one will be a total addons manager, meaning:
* install/uninstall of addons – plugins, scripts, skins (to start with, later on maybe extend it to skinmods, soundpacks, iconpacks, etc)
* easy downloading of addons
* updating of addons thru the manager
* no need for a computer to install addons
Been working on the backend today and made really good progress, solving a few issues.

1: Handling categories of scripts (this was a pain with xbmcscripts installer, since it was hardcoded)
2: Improved transfer speed of addons list (estimated numbers)
  * uncompressed size of list: 85000bytes, [email protected]

: 32sec
  * compressed size of list: 1100bytes, [email protected]

: 2sec

Shaved of a mear 30seconds in download time and 83900bytes of traffic, added I would guess 4seconds of unpacking the file, so still a 26second save. Not to bad :)

Other improvements from the xbmcscripts installer includes:
* stabler servers, using and or sourceforge (haven’t decided yet, which svn to go with)
* handles both rar and zip files
* skinable front end
* translatable into other languages

More to come as progress is made.

*blittan signing out*