Submit your Add-Ons

Submit your Add-Ons



July 06, 20101 min read

It’s been quite a while since we’ve posted an update, but rest assured we’ve been very busy behind the scenes. The new add-ons system is now nearly complete, the only missing piece is the add-ons themselves. So let’s fix that!

Here’s a quick refresher course for those who may have missed it. We have added an add-on browser to XBMC, similar to those found in Firefox or Chrome. In addition, we have created a repository for hosting those add-ons so that they are readily available to everyone. Gone are the days of scouring the forums for the latest skins, plugins, etc.

The time has come for authors to begin submitting their add-ons. The process is new to us as well, so we expect some bumps in the road, but the method is outlined here. For those who were waiting on final xml specs, they can be seen here. We ask that all add-on authors subscribe to the mailing list described in that guide (don’t forget to create a nice mail filter), where you may submit add-ons and patches, as well as hold discussions. A mailing list was chosen rather than Trac because we feel the need for more discussion, and the ability for devs to send out messages to everyone at once. We expect that activity will be quite feverish (and maybe a bit hectic) at first, but it should settle as a consistent work-flow is established.

Add-On Information for PM3.HD