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Teaser: Xperience Skin

A few days ago I posted a trailer for the Surface skin which may or may not ever be completed. Today, XBMCG33K has unveiled a brand new video preview of Xperience, which is under heavy development, and I must say it’s looking great.

Here’s what XBMCG33K had to say about the work in progress (No release schedule yet):

First I would like to say thank you to everyone watching this skin from the beginning, and even now. The original Xperience thread has 500 plus posts, and over 68k in views. To me that says we’re doing something special. Next is a thanks to Rocky5, Arcanthur, Blackbolt, and of course EqUiNoX, who have all put up with my crap almost every day so we can bring you Xperience.

On to the skin. We have stated many times before this skin is being designed around the idea that the easier it is for our users the better. Some skins seem as if they don’t take this into consideration; we do. Paying special attention to the smaller details, such as having animations that wont suck up memory, user friendly controls, a one of a kind Recently Added design, infinite customization combination’s, and the list really does go on. These were all things a bit hard to detail with simple static images, hopefully the video will show our attention for detail is alive and kicking with a steady heartbeat. Enjoy the video, and thanks again to everyone watching.