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Telematics Freedom Foundation FOSS survey

The Telematics Freedom Foundation is currently sponsoring a study about state of the art Media Center projects in the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) community; “We picked the 10 most prominent FOSS Media Center projects out there and we’re now collecting information about their features, functionality and support. The 10 selected projects are: XBMC, MythTV, Boxee, Elisa, Neuros OSD, Freevo, My Media System, Entertainer, CenterStage+Plex and MediaPortal.

Because of our limited resources, we can’t afford creating a Lab to run and test all 10 media centers. So we are relying on the community collective intelligence to gather all data necessary to provide you with a panoramic view on state of the art work in FOSS Media Center projects.

There is one webform available for each project. The forms are very easy to compile and we invite Project Leaders, Developers, and Power Users to actively participate, because you are capable to provide the most accurate information we need. You can participate anonymously, but if you decide to leave your name and email address you’ll be given credit for your participation and will receive an email notification of when the paper is available for download”.

You can participate by:
* Filling the XBMC profile webform: link
* E-mail screenshots from your media center, links to demo videos, or web reviews to <info (at) telematicsfreedom (dot) org>

The incentives to collaborate are:
* You’ll get for free a panoramic view on state of the art in all prominent media center FOSS projects out there.
* You’ll be promoting your favorite Media Center and showing how strong your community is.
* If you contribute, you will have credits at the end of the paper, in your project section.
* The best screenshots may be selected to appear in the paper to illustrate the software GUI.

Telematics Freedom Foundation full announcement: link
XBMC Community Forum discussion: link