The Votes Have Been Counted and Verified...

Credit: Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

The Votes Have Been Counted and Verified...


Prof Yaffle

June 07, 20211 min read

Many of you will probably be aware that, since the dawn of time, each version of Kodi takes a vaguely sci-fi/fantasy/movie-themed name, in alphabetical order (Ed: no, don't ask what happens after we get to Z). This has become common practice throughout the IT industry - look at iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Intel chips, and similar: it provides a useful and friendly way to refer to a release without getting tied up in numbers and decimal points.

Anyway, over the past 13 years or so we've chewed through Atlantis, Babylon, Camelot, Dharma, Eden, Frodo, Gotham, Helix, Isengard, Jarvis, Krypton, Leia and Matrix ... and, as we branch the code for the next release, it's time to bestow a name on our next version.

We ran a thread on the forum (thank you to everyone for their suggestions), filtered them for repetition, our ability to remember how to type them, and general scandal, and then put the top community-suggested names to a Team vote.

While we've previously had very specific names, this one is perhaps a little broader in its reference.

So, is it...

  • A series designator for replicants?
  • An extra-dimensional realm that exists outside of space and time, visited by both Kirk and Picard?
  • A post-cyberpunk trilogy by Ramez Naam?
  • A dungeon in World of Warcraft?
  • The heart of every protoss settlement in StarCraft?
  • All of the above, and perhaps more?

Ladies, gentlemen, non-binary, non-human, and inorganic lifeforms... I give you ...

Kodi 20 "Nexus"

< muted fanfare >

Don't get too excited about a new version dropping any time soon, as 19.x "Matrix" is still fresh out of the oven. However, you now know what's coming, and, if you're inclined, you can now follow development of this specific branch.