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Toms Hardware Guide XBMC review has today posted a review of “the ultimate multimedia center” that is xbmc. the famous tech review site now offers the first full review of xboxmediacenter which they call “the ideal home playback system for audio and video”. the review features xbmc tested on friendtech’s dreamx-1480 (xbox modded with a 1.4 ghz processor and 128mb memory, twice the spec on a normal retail xbox). the review concludes that nothing beats the price/performance ratio a modded xbox with xbmc, but they forgot to mention that xbmc of course also works on all modded xboxes, and it’s the convenience and compatibility of xbmc/xbox that makes it the perfect multimedia machine that it is (as then they would have nicely summed up what xbmc is all about).

update! the xbmc review has now been ‘slashdottet‘, see top story here (link).

full english review: modding the xbox into the ultimate multimedia center
german translation link: mit xbox-modding zum multimedia center
french translation link: transformer la xbox en platine multimédia
italian translation link: trasformiamo la xbox nel centro multimediale definitivo
russian translation link: Превращаем xbox в домашний мультимедийный центр