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Trackers moved from SourceForge to

With our recent move to host the website on our own webserver, Team-XBMC have now also taken steps to setup our own tracker-system for XBMC using Trac. Consequently, our previous trackers, which were hosted on SourceForge, has been closed and all bugs, patches and feature request tickets have been migrated to the new tracker-system under trac.

Integrating this tracker-system into our site allowed us to implement a unified login, so from now on, only a single registration is required. Register on the forums, if you have not already, to be able to post both in the forums and to new or existing tickets on trac.

This is the first step towards making it easier for all XBMC users to report bugs, request features, submit language translations and code patches. Team-XBMC now accept bug-reports and feature-requests for XBMC for Linux, XBMC for Mac, XBMC for Windows, as well as XBMC for Xbox. Note though that for bugs please try post in the respective platform bug discussion forum first to get it replicated and confirmed by someone else too.

Team-XBMC would also like to take this opportunity to thank XanTium of Xbox-Scene for hosting the XBMC website on his webserver up until now.