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Ubuntu 9.10 Released

As our readers probably know by now, Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was released today with many new features. For those who are considering making the move, here’s what you need to know as the update relates to XBMC:

Rather than wasting the time and effort required to update the current stable release of XBMC (Babylon) to work with Karmic, we’ve decided to focus on getting a new version out the door.  This means that until the next XBMC release, it is recommended that most users stick with Jaunty.  But there’s no need to panic; despite the fact that it’s taking a bit longer than we had hoped, development is shaping up nicely and the first 9.11 alphas should be rolling out very soon.

If you’re absolutely dying to live on the bleeding edge you could try the svn ppa, though you should NOT expect it to be stable (translation: don’t complain if something’s broken).