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Updated: Possible Unreachable Time Tonight

We will be changing registrars and nameservers for tonight (US time), which could lead to a brief unreachable period (via DNS) while the records propagate around the net. The move will affect this site, the forum, the wiki, trac, our email, and addons in XBMC itself. No action should be required by users or readers. This move away from our current registrar and to a non-US entity is intended as a small provision should the worst come to pass.

We are hoping for a seamless transition and we don’t foresee any difficulties, but don’t be alarmed by any unexpected results for the next day or so. We’ll update this space when the move is complete.

Update: Somehow, these things never go smoothly. The move is complete, but we did see some unreachable time. Most everyone should be back up by now, depending on your DNS servers. Our apologies for any inconvenience.