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Updating the Classics

It has come to my attention that over the last few years of development by jmarshall of the XBMC skinning engine we have come very far.  The problem is with progress comes change,  change is good (in some ways) unfortunately moving forward also mean sometimes breaking the old.  You just can’t keep constantly maintain backwards compatibility,  it slows things down and means extra legacy code to do the same thing that new code does better.  

So with that in mind I have decided to go through and update some of my older skins to work with the newer versions of XBMC.   I won’t be adding anything new to them but just making them work again.  With that in mind here is the first to fall :)


I know its not real modern looking and is a complete rip off of the original Xbox 1 dashboard but hey that’s what it was supposed to be :) Originally made by Blackbolt many a year ago It was updated by me (Jezz_X) a long time ago to work with XBMC changes and now I update it again :)

You can download an updated version from here

You can also get the skin from the XBMC skinning SVN at  this address