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Vote for XBMC Media Center on

Remember a few weeks ago when you flocked in droves to cast your vote for XBMC Media Center to be eligible for SourceForge’s annual Community Choice Awards? You were at that time just voting to NOMINATE us as finalist candidate, and you did a great job at that so our thanks goes out to all of you.

However now comes the really important part! The actual voting to select SourceForge CCA winners has begun today, and and XBMC is a finalist in no less than four categories this year. So now please head over to again and VOTE for “XBMC Media Center”. You will find us under the following headings:

  • Best Project
  • Best Visual Design
  • Best Project for Multimedia
  • Most Likely to Change the Way You Do Everything

Note that if you are not logged in then you will have to give your email address, click “Send My Vote Now!” after you made your choices and then simply go to the link that is mailed to you for identity confirmation. So be sure to follow the instructions in the confirmation message that follows or your vote will not be counted.

After you have voted, please help us spread the word. If you know someone who loves using XBMC Media Center as much as you do, pass this message along. Help us tell the world that XBMC is the best open source media center there is!