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Welcome sponsor: Weather Underground

You may have noticed that for the past few weeks the Weather section of XBMC has become unable to provide updated information due to our default weather provider moving to a fully fee-based API. A brief scramble ensued, and the change provided the kick-in-the-pants we needed to move weather providers into our add-ons framework so that we can send out updates between releases, and allow users to choose between different sources much more easily.

We have now added the final piece of the puzzle: A default provider who has agreed to sponsor XBMC and its users with all the data we need. A special thanks to Weather Underground for working quickly with us to fill the void. It’s great to work with companies who see the value in donating their services to open-source communities like ours. We hope that they see some extra commercial interest as a result.

Thanks also to ronie for having the add-on ready before the ink was dry.

Users of recent nightly builds have already seen the change, and it will be fully baked in to the upcoming Beta1 release.