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Work in Progress Skins 2014

The XBMC skinning engine has matured over the years to allow lots of different kinds of styles such as horizontal, vertical, touchscreen menus, fanart, clearart and advanced animations. Many users are familiar with our popular skins but we also have a vibrant community of developers creating radical new skins.  Getting from a mockup, to a fully working skin can take time but the results can be incredible. Sometimes the skins never make it out of the design phase so we thought it might be nice to show a few of them off. If you want to see a skin developed why not help out or show your support by taking part in our Skin WIP forum?

So here are a few screenshots to whet your appetite:

NOTE: All these skins are work in progress and may not be available yet to actually use in XBMC.
Some skin ideas may come from other designs or software. It should be the case that permission has been acquired to re-use the resources. Please feel free to discuss any issues in the individual threads.

Cycle -

Celestium -

Welo v2 -

Avalon -

Aerith -

Arctic -

Immersive -

Lightbox -

Maximinimalism -

Titan -

MetroTV -

Simplicitas -

Alaska -

Metroid -

Zbox -


Xbox One -