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X-addons generic LCD-display mods

team-xaddons ( have officialy announced a generic lcd-mod (adds a parallel and a spi-bus interface to your xbox) and a lcd-con (lcd-connector board) xbox-mod add-ons. the lcd-mod has several pin-headers and sockets to ensure compatability with a wide range of console versions and mod-chips. the most popular add-on device so far being lcd-displays. the lcd-mod allows you to install a lcd into any xbox-console and can be used with applications like our very own xboxmediacenter, (code supporting x-addons lcd-mod/con is already in xbmc cvs, but note that contrast-adjustment from gui is not yet working). example; in conjunction with x-addons lcd-mod and a x.b.i.t-chip you can install a lcd completely solderless (a cable for a solderless connection with the x-b.i.t is included)! in conjunction with modchips that use pinheaders you can just put x-addons lcd-mod between the pin-header and the modchip. view x-addons manual for details. the lcd-con (lcd-connector board) is an adapter device to provide an easy way to install a lcd in your console and is designed to work perfectly with the lcd-mod. you can also use the lcd-con without the lcd-mod to ease the install of a lcd. a cable for a solderless connection between lcd-con and lcd-mod is included. note! a special cable to connect the lcd-con to a smartxx, xenium or any other modchip that requires soldering to existing parallel interface is available and sold separately.

team-xaddons official-website:
official reseller of lcd-mod/con:
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