XBMC 12.2pre testing

XBMC 12.2pre testing


Nathan Betzen

April 08, 20131 min read

In between coding up exciting new features, we have been hard at work pushing as many fixes as possible into the next bug fix release of XBMC 12. With 12.2, we’d like to ask your help in performing some bug testing, prior to the release.

Broadly speaking, we are only looking for “crash and burn” reports. If XBMC resets on you or randomly crashes or something similarly major, we’d like to know about it with a note in the forum. If you elect to be a tester for 12.2pre, we would very much appreciate a debug log along with your crash report. Any reports without a log will be ignored. To make your report, we suggest visiting this thread.

Should want to download and install XBMC, please visit our download page.

For more info and to make reports, see the testing thread on our forums.