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XBMC 9.11: RC1 ready for testing

The testing process is winding down, and we are happy to present XBMC 9.11 Release Candidate 1. Assuming there are no major show-stoppers, we expect that this will be the last pre-release before final. That means that this is your last chance to report major bugs, or to help us reproduce or fix the ones that have been identified. If you have submitted a trac ticket and we’ve asked for further assistance, this is the time to help! For those not bold enough to try the pre-releases, watch this site in the coming days for a summary of the new features you can expect to see in Camelot.

The same speech still applies; we’re still looking for quality bug reports and good translations. Also please use the proper channels if you wish to be helped, not the comments below.

See the download page for RC1.