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XBMC: Get involved!

XBMC has gone a long way since its first stable release in 2004. It has evolved from a xbox only application into a sleek cross platform media center that runs on almost anything you throw it at. XBMC has thousands of users, is the mother of many successful derivative projects and commercial spin-offs and is written about in the international press on a regular basis.

It has been key to XBMC’s success that its user (or little Schumpeter’s) apply their creative destruction to the application and move it into new directions on a regular basis. Agathorn has done so with the integration of FanArt into XBMC, Yuvalt with the port of XBMC from xbox to linux which gave rise to XBMC’s cross-platform nature or motd2k with the addition of GPU accelerated video decoding.  XBMC wouldn’t be where it is today without the contribution of the many designers, writers, coders, helpful forum users and bug reporters.


Community contributions: Noir… A skin concept by Ayala

Since XBMC prides itself with being an extremely versatile and flexible media center there are a wide-range of areas where YOU can contribute:

  • Manual: Help us tidy up and organize the long neglected XBMC wiki manual
  • Bug reports: Help the developers of XBMC get rid of any glitches
  • User support: Give a helping hand to the many first time XBMC users and novices on our forums
  • Contribute to contents/news posts
  • Submit patches: Add features and fix bugs
  • Skins: Re-design or modify the overall look and feel of XBMC
  • Scripts and Plug-ins: Add streaming support for your favorite streaming website to XBMC
  • Scrapers: Get Movie/TV/Music information and FanArt from your favorite website
  • Supplemental applications: Create applications that supplement XBMC (e.g. remotes, configuration tools, media managers)
  • Suggest features: Let developers know how they can improve XBMC or develop the suggested features yourself
  • Donate: Help Team XBMC pay for the website and development tools

Many more concrete suggestions on how to contribute can be found on our forums:

Please rest assured that all your contributions are welcome and Team XBMC will encourage and facilitate your efforts. At the end of the day it’s all about giving and taking and hey – what’s more rewarding than improving the life of thousands of media addicts?

Yours truly,