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XBMC reaches 1.0 Beta, bug bash kick-off

we are happy to announce the current xbmc cvs as 1.0 beta ready, thus our first official public bug bash has begun and we are now on a feature freeze. as the time has come when xboxmediacenter finally starting to reach maturity we also like to declare that the era of xboxmediaplayer is over. the king is dead, long live the king! it’s now time for xbmc to take the throne from its predecessor, so from today we officially do not support or develop xbmp any more; the xbmp forums will still be kept open but unmoderated, and development will only done on xbmc from now on. for those who missed it, xbmc/xboxmediacenter is our successor to xbmp/xboxmediaplayer, (yes both are/were developed by ourselves, the xbmp/xbmc-team), we have been working very hard on xbmc over the past 6 months and to show its readiness we have put together this xbmc vs. xbmp comparison chart. note that we are going to need your help during this bug bash period, now more than ever, only with your help can we get the first xbmc 1.0 release candidate ready in a matter of weeks. the feature freeze means that no new features will be implemented into xbmc until xbmc 1.0 final source code has been locked down.

more information: xbmc reaches 1.0 beta