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XBMC Screensaver Competition

neoya inc. (makers of the best vga-adapter for the xbox) has kindly donated 5 x2vga+ adapters to the xboxmediacenter project for us to run this screen-saver development competition. the purpose of this contest is to develop new screensaver plugins for xbox media center (and extend xbmc’s screensaver interface api if necessary), hopefully it will also encourage more programmers to join in xbmc development. the contest starts of right away and will end three months from now. all valid entries not infringing any copyrights (winners or not) can be integrated in xbmc, however the top-5 entries (decided by team-xbmc) will each win one x2vga+, the top-of-the-line xbox vga-adapter courtesy of neoya, (thanks neoya inc!)

non-developers please make a paypal donation for the winners adapter shipping cost to help

link: xbmc screensaver competition rules and conditions