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XBMC Skins in a Nutshell

As promised in my previous post, TheUni and myself are trying to keep you informed about developments from within the XBMC community. To kick it off I’ve decided to pick one of XBMC’s most admired feature – it’s skinning engine.

Thanks to the great work of many, foremost jmarshall, XBMC has the most flexible skinning engine you’ll probably find in any open or closed source project. Skins basically control the GUI i.e. the overall look and, for a large part, feel of XBMC. Skins control everything you see in XBMC, from images, the sizes and positions of all controls, colours, fonts, and text, through to altering navigation.

XBMC ships with PM3.HD, created by Jezz_X, which is a revamped HD version of Project Mayhem III, designed by Chokemaniac. However, many user created skins can be found on our forums – for you to download – many which will completely change your XBMC experience. Additionally, one of our forum users (juju0) has created “XBMC Skin Manager” which makes it easier to download the latest versions of many skins.

If you are not familiar with any of the custom skins I’d highly recommend checking them out!


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