You are here Gets a New Home

As I alluded in the last post, the main site, as well as the wiki, trac, and forum have all been moved to a new location, graciously provided by WebHostingBuzz. They have stepped up in a huge way and provided an 8-core Xeon server with all the bells and whistles at their Atlanta hosting facility. Even better, they’ve agreed to help with  future projects as needed. For the foreseeable future, the sky is the limit.

The move was prompted by increasing pageload times in the forum and unacceptable trac performance. After a few hours of tuning early yesterday, load times are already much better than they were before. Please bear with us in the coming days as we perform the final tests and tweaks to squeeze out all possible performance.

Thanks again to the generous staff at WHB for helping us to grow, and for supporting the open-source ecosystem. We hope our users enjoy the new faster sites. It looks like we’ll be able to sustain your f5 keys for a while yet.