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XBMP briefly reviewed by Toms hardware

tom’s hardware guide (probably the most famous computer hardware site on the internet) has posted a very brief article about the most current standalone “multi-talented multi-media” appliances for the living room. it shortly compares the multimedia capabilities of northq nq5000, kiss dp-500, cd3o c300 and an xbox running xbox media player with the conclusion that “the scope of functions offered by a modified xbox has little or no competition”. sadly they misquoted a price of $289 (€300) for a modded xbox which will give people a false impression, as today you can practically mod an xbox for free via software, alternatively there are always cheap modchips what will do the trick for under $20. in the end one is left imagining what the people at tom’s hardware would have to say if they wrote a full review of xbmc instead of xboxmediaplayer, (as our successor of xbmp, xbox media center has already surpassed it’s predecessor in more ways than one)

link to the full review: