Xbox Mods on TECHTV, again?

Xbox Mods on TECHTV, again?



October 14, 20031 min read

this saturday and upcomming week on techtv (starting saturday 10/18-2003 at 10 p.m. eastern):
“mod your xbox. see how modders are adding functionality to the popular gaming console. by kevin rose. why mod the xbox? well, the xbox is more than just a gaming machine. it’s the most powerful computer you can purchase for $199. under the hood, the xbox is equipped with a 733-mhz intel pentium iii processor, an nvidia graphics subsystem, hard drive, ethernet, and four usb ports. modding the xbox turns it from a gaming console into a fully functional pc that can still run games. tonight i’ll show you the first step: installing a mod chip.”

there is no mentioning if this is rerun of the five episode series that was shown on the screensavers in march/april earlier this year or if it’s a new follow-up series, however it looks to be a rerun which would give those of you who missed it the first time around a second chance, (they showed of xboxmediaplayer 2.3 point release in the forth episode). but if this is a new follow-up series hope they show latest cvs builds of xbmp and xbmc. ps! you can today get a better deal that $199 on a new xbox, exampel from amazon $179.99/£119.99/€199.99, and this price is likely to drop by around 30% within a month from now.

news source and full story: techtv