You are here holding a XBMC poll (UPDATED)

fyi, xbox-scene, the largest xbox homebrew news-site is currently holding an anonymous poll to try to find out how large percentage of their readers have xbox media center installed on their xboxes, so head over to to register your answer to “is xboxmediacenter installed on your xbox?” (it’s anonymous and just two clicks are required). alternatively you can visit this page (link) to view the result without voting.

update (1/9-2004)!: the poll is now over and the end-result is in; 14025 people, 81% voted “yes” stating that they have xbmc installed on their xbox, only 19% (3360 votes) voted “no” stating they do not have xbmc installed. now, not everyone who has a xbox visits (english speaking site) and not all of those who do register their vote, plus keep in mind that the poll was directed only to those who already modded their xbox, however as a conclusion of the poll we can estimate that currently 81% of all modded xboxes in the world have xboxmediacenter installed. but who’s to say how many xboxes been modded?, not even microsoft knows that.

news source: start page (top left corner)