Xbox Versions Database

Xbox Versions Database



October 07, 20031 min read

from the xbox-linux project, quote: “help us build an xbox versions database! please enter your xbox data into this form (you needn’t fill all fields), so we can provide you a database that will help you find out the contents of an xbox without opening it. this database will be online next week”. please support this database and submit your xbox’s information, this database will be of great use to xbmp users too.

update: from the xbox-linux project‘s website: “xbox hardware database is online! if you want to buy an xbox, the xbox hardware database can help you find out what’s in the xbox without opening the box – even though the list is still quite short. and don’t forget, please enter your xbox data into this form. thanks to all contributors!”

update: the xbox-linux guys has put together a guide on how-to find out your xbox version

news source: the xbox-linux project