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Xboxes with 1400Mhz processor finally on sale

friendtech, a cpu upgrade manufacturer has now started mass modify xbox consoles with a processor upgrade. however friendtech are not selling these “ft-x2″ (a.k.a. dreamx) xboxes themselves but instead offer them through online retailers, being the first shop to actually sell them (gamestron ft-xbx2 review). the cpu is upgraded to a intel celeron 1.4ghz (1400 mhz with 256kb l2 cache tualatin core) and it includes an external cpu speed switch which enables switching between 1.48ghz and 740mhz cpu speeds. this upgrade double the xbox original cpu speed of 733mhz. for an extra fee you can also get the memory upgraded from 64mb to 128mb and a new hdd up to 200gb in size. more information about the ft-xbx2/dreamx can be found on friendtech xbox homepage where you can view test data, faq, specifications and more.

again, if shops would like to have it reviewed by us please don’t hesitate to send me one ;-)